brake repair

Brake Repair & Service

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Las Vegas brake repair and service at affordable prices. The dreaded sound…that squeaking or grinding sound when your car or truck is coming to a stop, indicating that it may be time to contact your Las Vegas brake repair pros at Jesse’s Automotive. This typically is the initial sign that you may need new brake […]

drive shaft repair

Your Las Vegas Drive Shaft Repair Shop

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LAS VEGAS DRIVE SHAFT REPAIR SERVICES A drive shaft is a mechanical rotating tube that transfers torque from a vehicle’s transmission to the differential of a vehicle. Drive shafts transfer a tremendous amount of torque and load with twisting force and high speed vibrations. Drive shafts must remain light weight, strong and vibration free to power your […]

oil change

Affordable Oil Change for Las Vegas Residents

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Las Vegas Oil Change Services Motor oil is the life-blood of your vehicle, and our Las Vegas oil change services help keep your car’s engine running smoothly while reducing the wear on all its moving parts. Over time, oil begins to breakdown and wear out, making it less effective at lubricating your engine and transferring […]